Look at these 10 pictures of people mid-twitch

Here’s a simple experiment you can conduct on yourselves.

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Your Local Bodega’s OK Cupid Profile

Teaser photo

“My friends call me an old soul selling old rolls…”

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The Recent History Of The Battle Of The Sexes

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 3.31.57 PM

The state of inter-gender dynamics in terms of boy-girl pop duets.

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2.5 Reasons Why The All-Female Ghostbusters Will Be A Really Good 2.5 Star Movie


An all-female cast is great news because now the Ghostbusters remake will be passably good instead of demoralizingly uncalled-for.

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5 Ways AMC Could Make “The Walking Dead” Season 5 More Watchable


I want to see everyone from Rick to Diane writhing on makeshift cholera beds with the hole where the butt goes for two full episodes, punctuated with a perfectly healthy Daryl, having a low-intensity moral dilemma over whether and how to help while eating snake soup out of a dirty car tire.

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The New NYC Neighborhood Map

Paid for by the office of Mayor Bloomberg
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Implications of Rap Lyrics: Nas

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This is the user input from my last MTV News article. Or my last stand-up set. Or from people I'm just getting to know.

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