The 6 Rules of Halal Cart Etiquette


The lines can be long, the choices confusing, and the drunks lined up with you, annoying. Here’s what you need to know to ensure a painless experience for everyone involved in your halal cart experience.

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5 True Facts About “American Sniper”


I know I’m a little late to the party, but after exhaustive research, here are some new insights about the patriotic Oscar nominee.

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Eric Garner, George W. Bush, and the Unheeded Wisdom of Retired Israeli Military Officials

Congrats, moron. Even I'm a more responsible leader than you are now.

Bush is America’s retired Israeli general, urging his compatriots in vain to think rationally, rather than in their narrow self-interest. My prediction? It probably won’t work, and that’s sad.

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Odell Beckham’s Other Amazing Catches [GIFS]


If you were wowed by New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham’s amazing catch Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys, his other catches might impress you too. Odell Beckham Catches Fire Odell Beckham Catches A Predator Odell Beckham Catches A

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Some liberal revisionist probiotics for you all

Live and Active Cultures
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Look at these 10 pictures of people mid-twitch

Here’s a simple experiment you can conduct on yourselves.

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Your Local Bodega’s OK Cupid Profile

Teaser photo

“My friends call me an old soul selling old rolls…”

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  • As far as my roommate's pet goldfish is concerned, "Cookin' pasta while in my underwear" is the song of the summer. 9 hours ago
  • That most people still discuss scale weight and BMI proves we're still in the dark ages of fitness science 12 hours ago
  • An Honest Representation of Native Americans @midnight #RuinAWestern 1 day ago
  • @MTVNews didn't Biggie write every line on Junior Mafia's first album, too? 1 day ago
  • Ted Cruz is a hispanic born in Canada running for U.S President who's against NAFTA. He is NAFTA. 1 day ago
If Vice News were around during the American Revolution. 
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